Kando Wastewater Intelligence: What Software Component supports and enables the delivery of Kando’s DaaS?

In wastewater management, the synergy between software, hardware, and comprehensive services are essential components for utilities that aim to understand and optimize their wastewater ecosystem. In an age marked by environmental awareness, urban development and a commitment to resource efficiency, solutions like real-time wastewater intelligence can be a crucial value to achieve such an objective. Wastewater insights can support utilities in improving operational efficiency, workforce management, the wastewater treatment plant capacity, and its image to attract a younger workforce generation. However, addressing these objectives and ensuring that the solution components work together is a challenging task, as it requires the input of various departments with different backgrounds, objectives, experience and outputs.


Kando’s integration of AI-powered software, along with its specialized hardware and tailored services components, provide utilities a solution component combination that delivers in-depth insights into their wastewater quality that can lead to an optimal running wastewater ecosystem. Kando’s API option enables the sharing of wastewater quality insights across different departmental platforms, allowing the data to be utilized utility-wide and support various objectives of different teams.


This article takes a deep dive into Kando wastewater intelligence solution, a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform, which integrates software, hardware, and expert services components. With a particular emphasis on discussing the software component, it explores how Kando leverages various wastewater and industrial data sets processed by its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models to deliver real-time wastewater insights on the dashboard.

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