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Ari Goldfarb
Ari GoldfarbCo-founder, CEO, Visionary, Environmental engineer, Surfer

“My passion is achieving our vision of cleaner water and a healthier, safer environment for everyone. We are defining the future of our market, and continuously looking to find the best partners to fulfill our mission”

Caco Gilead Baibich
Caco Gilead BaibichCTO, Kibbutz member, Sailor

“A water-energy-food-climate-technology nexus aficionado, I’ve been building multi-disciplinary teams and systems around these issues for the past 20 years.”

Galit Altinyuva
Galit AltinyuvaSVP of Global Sales

Filter everything you’re doing, saying and pitching through the customer point of view, and you’ll improve just about every metric you care about today.” – Matt Heinz

Gili Elkin
Gili ElkinPartner & CGO, Disruptor, Snowboarder

“I draw my dedication and passion from being part of a team that strives to solve problems in areas that have never been touched before.”

Guy Cohen
Guy CohenVP Product, Athlete, Fruit connoisseur

“I’ve lived and breathed product development for nearly 20 years. From a software engineering to leading companies , I love bringing different knowledge areas together in the service of development a world class product.”

Erez Kahani
Erez KahaniCFO& GM USA , Loves riding through the mountains

“A nature and adventure lover, it’s always a thrill for me to combine my passion with work. I truly enjoy the challenge of cultivating smaller companies into large, successful enterprises.”

Or Yariv
Or Yariv COS, The leader of culture and strategy alignment

”My mission is to lead the coordination of the culture, leadership, and strategic alignment of diverse organizational functions. Identify goals, track progress towards them, and ensure their accomplishment.”

Zohar Scheinin
Zohar Scheinin Co-founder, COO, Pro at scaling up, People person

“Kando is going to change the world.
I see the reactions in the market when people are introduced to Kando and see what we can do, and I know we’re on the right track to making a global impact.
My dream is to work with every utility around the world so they can see, understand and act upon the valuable data that’s in their wastewater network.”



Aya Moyal
Aya MoyalController

Deby Rubin
Deby RubinBookkeeper

Erez Kahani
Erez KahaniGeneral Manager at Kando USA; CFO


Alexandra Wallach
Alexandra WallachHead of Business Development & Strategy USA

Anne-li Steutel
Anne-li SteutelBusiness Development & Marketing Strategist

Ari Goldfarb
Ari GoldfarbCEO

Gili Elkin
Gili ElkinChief of Growth

Ido Blank
Ido BlankVP of Business Development

Jenny Gelman
Jenny GelmanDirector of Marketing & Communications

Shimon Constante
Shimon ConstanteInnovation & Strategy Consultant

Yeroham Lofsky
Yeroham LofskyDirector of Strategic Partners

Andrew Engeli
Andrew EngeliChief Strategy Officer

Aviv Nizri
Aviv NizriStrategy and Innovation Lead


Amir Elkayam
Amir ElkayamProfessional Manager

Annaelle Nir
Annaelle NirANZ Country Manager

Galit Altinyuva
Galit AltinyuvaSVP of Global Sales

Israel wall
Israel wallProject Manager

Malorie Dreyfus
Malorie DreyfusSales & Business Development Director

Moran Ben Yair
Moran Ben YairAcount Executive

Nir Arbov
Nir Arbov Project Engineer

Nitzan Elkayam
Nitzan ElkayamTechnical Support

Niv Morag
Niv MoragDirector of Sales

Sagit Shaham
Sagit ShahamVP Sales Operations & Strategy Director

Sarit Fine
Sarit FineTechnical Support Engineer

Zohar Scheinin
Zohar ScheininChief Operating Officer

Brynn Williams
Brynn WilliamsDirector of Business Development & Sales DACH

Customer Success

Anat Belkind
Anat BelkindDirector of Customer Success

Iris Bigler
Iris Bigler Customer Success Manager

Odelia Elkan
Odelia ElkanCustomer Success Analyst

Or Smaransky
Or SmaranskyCustomer Success Manager

Oshrat Ben Artzi
Oshrat Ben Artzi Customer Success Manager

Racheli Fast
Racheli Fast Customer Success Manager

Reut Duek
Reut DuekCustomer Success Manager

Avital Hirsch, PhD, MPH
Avital Hirsch, PhD, MPHCustomer Success Manager, Israel

Luca Sudati
Luca SudatiCustomer Success Manager, Italy


Guy Cohen
Guy CohenVP Product

Orni Saar
Orni SaarDirector of Product

Guy Ben Shlomo
Guy Ben ShlomoProduct Manager

Esti Widder
Esti WidderDirector of Product


Alex Smolyak
Alex Smolyak Data Director

Amit Leshed
Amit LeshedSw Engineer (Full Stack)

Caco Gilead Baibich
Caco Gilead BaibichCTO

Dean Markus
Dean Markus Data Analyst

Gili Kurtser
Gili KurtserGeo Data Analyst

Hila Korach Rechtman
Hila Korach RechtmanHead of WBE Research

Ifat Biezuner
Ifat Biezuner Creative and Unshockable Full Stack Developer

Lior Motola
Lior MotolaHW Development & Production Manager

Rotem Rishti
Rotem RishtiHead of Research & Impact

Eitan Meirom
Eitan MeiromIntegration & QC

Keren Halperin
Keren HalperinData Scientist

Matan Malul
Matan MalulData Scientist

Naama Katiee
Naama KatieeSW Engineer (Full Stack)

Nadav Karpenkop
Nadav KarpenkopVP of Engineering

Oded Berger
Oded BergerDirector of Software Engineering

Roy Yanovski
Roy YanovskiData Scientist

Valery Kotlarov
Valery KotlarovSW Engineer (Full Stack)

Ziv Chai
Ziv ChaiField Test Engineer

Gali Fux
Gali FuxR&D Research

Ran Kenig
Ran KenigPrincipal Software Engineer


Or Yariv
Or Yariv Chief of Staff

Michal Shklarsky
Michal Shklarsky Head of People

Yael Binder Negri
Yael Binder Negri People Project Operations

USA Team

USA Team

Anne-li Steutel-Maron
Anne-li Steutel-Maron Business Development & Marketing Strategist

Alexandra Wallach
Alexandra WallachHead of Business Development & Strategy USA

Erez Kahani
Erez KahaniGeneral Manager at Kando USA

Aaron Blatt
Aaron BlattSenior Director of Sales ,Kando USA

Keren-Orr Maman
Keren-Orr MamanCustomer Success Manager ,Kando USA

Board of Directors

Amit Regev
Amit RegevBoard Member

Ari Goldfarb
Ari GoldfarbBoard Member

Bart Houben
Bart HoubenBoard Observer

Fabian Seunier
Fabian SeunierBoard Observer

Gal Hayot
Gal HayotBoard Member

Gili Elkin
Gili ElkinBoard Member

Igal Shany
Igal ShanyBoard Member

Ram Hachmon
Ram HachmonBoard Observer

Zohar Scheinin
Zohar ScheininBoard Observer

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