How does event-triggered sampling support wastewater quality and source control?


Kando provides water utilities wastewater insights on wastewater quality within the collection systems, so they can make data-driven decisions to improve effluent quality, allow reuse, and increase efficiency through digital source control.

Within collection networks, conditions can change from moment to moment. Regularized methods of sampling and condition monitoring – ‘composite’ and ‘grab’ sampling – see conditions reported at regular intervals. These are unlikely to capture a truly representative picture of the environment within a system. Without long-term trends analysis, events are unpredictable, and not likely to occur in line with sampling schedules. As a result, utilities and treatment authorities will not know about detrimental changes in wastewater conditions before contamination arrives at treatment facilities and has already begun to impact processes and outputs negatively. Therefore, digital source control can properly support wastewater quality in the collection system and improve the wastewater treatment plant influent.

Automation has been a part of wastewater sampling processes for some years, but these systems have, until recently, simply been an extension of conventional, regular testing regimes. Rather than a field engineer going to a target site and collecting a sample at set intervals, the process is transferred to an on-site, remote sampler. Nonetheless, these remote sampling units have largely operated to the same set schedule as their human counterparts and suffer from the same limitations.

The next steps: Real-time wastewater analytics and “event- triggered” sampling

Rather than sampling to a schedule, smart sampling units are deployed within a network, equipped with condition sensors calibrated to detect pollution events as they happen. These sensors report condition changes in real time, relaying information to an ‘in-network’ controller. When feedback from the sensors indicate a pollution event is in progress, a remote sampler – deployed in parallel – is triggered, taking a grab sample at exactly the right moment

to capture a truly representative event profile. At the same time, an alert is transmitted to network operators, informing them that a sample is ready for collection and analysis.

Mapping Wastewater insights through Digital Source Control

Kando Pulse provides wastewater utilities with unprecedented visibility over their collection networks, enabling them to minimize pollution, reduce costs, and maximize efficiencies. The solution combines cutting edge wastewater quality sensors and smart samplers with a user-friendly data fusion and analytics software engine, optimized to deliver operational intelligence in real-time.


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