Unlock the potential of your wastewater with data insights together with Kando’s Solution. Our advanced wastewater event detection capabilities empower you to track sources and communicate impacts on both the network and WWTP in real-time.  Kando’s Solution offers comprehensive insights into your wastewater system.

  • Boost your wastewater capacity effortlessly by 20%, effectively handling organic loads.
  • Slash harmful stormwater overflows by 50%, saving costs and safeguarding the environment.
  • Double your workforce and resource efficiency, working smarter, not harder.
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Be aware

Start your day with a simple and an actionable view of the wastewater quality in the network, so you will know where to focus and how to organize your day.

Gain control

Get a full profile of your discharger’s
behavior so you can communicate
based on facts.

Wastewater Event Overview

Act with confidence

Customize your wastewater
events view to match your needs.

Get smarter as you go

Drive actions based on specific event
details by understanding it’s source and
impact on your wastewater network.

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Improve your wastewater quality

Kando’s comprehensive capabilities include 24/7 real- time data, source control, and blockage & infiltration prevention – providing utilities with the tools they need to improve wastewater quality.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced CAPEX/OPEX
  • Greater WW reuse capabilities
  • Improved public health
  • Cleaner environment

Protect your WWTP

Contamination in the collection system can affect treatment operations, damage assets, and reduce equipment lifespan – leading to increased labor and repair costs.

With the digitization of the network, Kando enables:

  • Real time display of network data, with alerts and predictions of events, giving operators enough time to respond and prevent damage
  • Identification of non-permit discharges, so operators can approach the source directly and mitigate future occurrences

24/7 real-time data

The Kando units stream wastewater data to the
cloud – all day, every day, so no network
event goes undetected.

Data from the wastewater network is transformed and analyzed by machine learning algorithms to identify trends, and is displayed on our user-friendly interface.


Source control

  • Identify the source of pollution events to avoid damage and expedite treatment
  • Automatically take samples for analysis by a lab

Blockage and infiltration detection

  • Receive notifications of blockages that can
    lead to harmful overflows
  • Track infiltration of pipes by ground, storm, or sea water to prevent significant damage

Financial savings

  • Detect contaminants which can significantly
    reduce the life of network components
  • Avoid damage to equipment and extend
    average life of components and systems
  • Increase OPEX to avoid additional expenditures necessary to treat increased levels of contaminants

Quality Pulse

Kando’s Quality Pulse provides wastewater insights by seamlessly integrating advanced data sets, including historical data, GIS, real-time data, and AI analytics.

These comprehensive insights empower utilities to effectively detect wastewater events within their collection system, track their routes, estimate their impact, and communicate the findings to their team. With features like live mapping, event insights, and source detection capabilities, Kando offers unprecedented visibility across your entire network. This grants utilities unparalleled oversight of conditions throughout their wastewater network, enabling them to strategize and optimize their operations accordingly.

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Your wastewater contains the data.

We just need to extract it so that you can optimize your operations.

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