WEAT Webinar | May 31, 12:30pm ET

Kando is excited to announce our partnership with WEAT for an upcoming webinar that will highlight the transformative impact of wastewater data on water strategies. By adopting technologies that empower teams to manage their departments and wastewater ecosystems more effectively, we can contribute to significant water conservation efforts.

Join us to explore the proactive data-driven strategies that are making a difference.

Event Details:

Title: ‘Wastewater Management: From Raw Wastewater Data to Strategic Action’

  • Hosts: WEAT
  • Moderator: Anne-li Steutel-Maron
  • Panel Members and Topics:
    • Farshid Shoustarian, Yokogawa: ‘Why is data organization crucial?’
    • Ori Reshef Kando: ‘Utilizing raw wastewater data for Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Capacity Optimization and Enhanced Source Control’.
    • Angel Bustamante, Wastewater Division Manager: ‘Data insights in Real Time: Insights on Enhanced Source Control applications in real-life scenarios from El Paso’ 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about leveraging data for a sustainable future. Register via WEAT here

Your wastewater contains the data.

We just need to extract it so that you can optimize your operations.

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