UK’s Tech Rocketship Awards a launchpad for the digital revolution

The Department of International Trade’s Tech Rocketship Awards are a symbol of Britain’s ambition to be the market of choice for global tech innovation and business development. As the country looks to take a leading role in the world’s digital future, the awards provide leading scale-ups with the perfect platform to lift-off.

Ever since the London Stock Exchange was founded in 1698, the UK has been a hub for international commerce. In 2021, despite uncertainties around the UK’s trading relationships and the lingering effects of the pandemic, London remains the largest financial center in Europe; second only to New York on the global stage.

As the world’s attention shifts towards an ever more data-driven future and the promised benefits of ‘Industry 4.0’, the UK’s viability as a center for global commercial and business development is only set to increase.

Already one of the most business-friendly countries in the world, steps are being taken to cement the UK’s place as the market of choice for advanced technology firms; offering significant benefits to companies choosing to locate R&D operations on the island, and leveraging its established position at the heart of global trade to maximum effect.

Britain is home to the largest data center market in Europe and already hosts many successful AI and Machine Learning companies, with the digital sector contributing 7.7% to the country’s economic output in 2018 (£149bn). According to McKinsey, AI solutions are set to deliver a 22% boost to the UK economy by 2030.

Still, there’s room to grow, and concerted efforts are being made to maximise digital’s economic potential. As part of these efforts, the UK has launched a series of development initiatives aiming to promote and grow innovative digital companies, both domestically and around the world.

The Tech Rocketship Awards is just one of a number of efforts designed to enable firms pushing the boundaries of digital technology and applications.

Initially launched in Australia, India, New Zealand and Japan, the Awards have been a leading tech development competition ever since, with winners receiving targeted business development support aimed at accelerating their global growth via the UK market.

In the years since its launch, the Tech Rocketship programme has enjoyed some incredible successes.

2018 winner, CropIn, tripled its growth in 2020 to an ARR of $100 million and is currently active in 52 countries despite the pandemic. Myriota (2019) is today placing a next-generation Photon spacecraft into orbit, and is part of the team working on Rocket Lab and NASA’s 2021 Moon mission. Meanwhile, Thirdwatch (2018) was mentioned to be one of the top 8 fraud detection software’s to look out for in 2021.

In 2020, the UK government launched its first European edition of the awards (also open to Israeli companies), with a specific category dedicated to AI solutions and the data revolution.

In February 2021, Kando won that category, and will participate in the award’s Grand Finale on March 24th alongside the other seven winners – the eight top competitors from more than 600 entrants.

As the world looks for ways to maximise efficiency and minimise negative environmental impacts, smart technologies will be essential. With the active support of the UK government, the business development network the Tech Rocketship Awards provides access to, and the firm’s UK partners, OnSite, Kando is set to play a leading role in the environment’s digital revolution as it spreads around the world.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence algorithms and big data analytics, Kando enables wastewater utilities to access and apply the data contained within their networks, supporting them to make better decisions while enhancing service delivery and reducing costs.

With Kando’s solution, utilities all over the world can use data to improve wastewater quality, reduce pollution, and maximise efficiency, with huge positive benefits for the environment.

Kando is bringing cutting edge smart technology and machine learning to the wastewater sector with incredible results. Recognition from the Tech Rocketship Awards signifies the strength of the firm’s offer and its potential for global growth.

The next steps will be critical to ensuring digital solutions deliver on their promise of a more efficient and sustainable future. Kando and all the other Tech Rocketship winners are showing what’s possible. All that’s needed now is for the digital revolution to become the operational norm.

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