The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati and Kando partner to bring AI analytics to Cincinnati’s sewers

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan 10th , 2021

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) is to partner with Israeli environmental technology firm, Kando, becoming one of the first US utilities to integrate smart condition analytics into its workflow.

Based in Hamilton County, Ohio, MSD serves more than 850,000 customers across a 300 square mile catchment area, maintaining about 3,000 miles of sewers, and operating seven major wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The utility treats around 160 million gallons of wastewater daily, and monitors about 200 industrial users discharging pre-treated waste into the sewer system.

To support its primary goal of protecting environmental and public health in its service area, MSD has committed to an innovative program of operational improvements. 

Kando’s ground-breaking Pulse solution is set to provide MSD with unprecedented visibility and control over its network, enabling the utility to better manage its wastewater collection system, detect potentially harmful contaminants as they enter the sewers, and identify both known and unknown sources of pollution.

In a project supported by local partners RJN Group, Kando Pulse will provide MSD’s team with real-time operational insight across five network areas connected to the Mills creek WWTP. Coupling live in-network data collection and transmission with cloud-based AI data analytics, Kando’s solution provides users with immediate alerts when conditions change in their network, profiling contamination events as they happen, mapping their progress towards treatment facilities and accurately tracing pollution back to source. 

Dr. John Barton, Principal Engineer at MSD: “Kando and MSD share the same core values – both teams are committed to improving public and environmental health through innovation and smarter working practises. We expect that the oversight Kando Pulse will provide will allow us to manage our industrial waste program and protect the public health in an efficient and insightful manner.  With the support of RJN Group, we’re delighted to be amongst the first utilities in the US to add AI-driven wastewater analytics to our toolkit.”

Ari Goldfarb, Kando CEO: “This project marks the beginning of two new partnerships for Kando. Working with MSD and RJN is inspiring. We’ve found kindred spirits on the other side of the world, and look forward to supporting them as they work to build a cleaner water future.”

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

MSD was formed in 1968 to protect the environment and public health through the collection and treatment of wastewater in 43 of the 49 political subdivisions in Hamilton County, Ohio, and small parts of Butler, Clermont, and Warren counties.


Founded in 2011, Kando Environmental Service Ltd. provides innovative data gathering and analytics services, supporting 24/7, real-time insight into wastewater behaviour to customers all over the world. Leveraging AI systems to automatically clean and process client data, Kando Pulse provides users with unparalleled oversight of their networks, pinpointing pollution events as they happen, mapping their progress, and tracing them back to source.



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