Kando’s CEO, Ari Goldfarb, Co-Chairing the Watec Conference

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Come Join Israel’s Largest Water Conference

November 18-21, 2019 | Tel Aviv

Kando is inviting you to join Israel’s largest water conference, WATEC in Tel Aviv on November 18-21, 2019. Our CEO, Ari Goldfarb, is Co-Chairing the conference and invites you to join and discuss the latest water trends on water security and reuse.

Together with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all parts of the world, we will explore the technological possibilities to prevent global water shortage. Therefore, the upcoming WATEC conference will not only address the latest water innovations but will also look forward to the future of water around the world and how the impending crisis can be managed.

Interested to learn more? Feel free to reach out, and get more information on the Conference.

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