Kando is attending American Water Summit | Jan. 25-26


It’s time to change the way we think about water at the American Water Summit.

Water and climate change are on a deadly collision course in the Western United States. Three hard years of drought have brought a new urgency to the way we think about carbon, the environment and water. Now is the moment for challenging sector norms, for developing new ideas and resetting our goals. It is the moment for Re-Thinking Water.

Taking place in Los Angeles, a city pioneering innovative water reuse strategies, the American Water Summit will explore key drivers that are fuelling transformative change across the continent. Increasing demands on infrastructure, dwindling resource pools and an ever-changing regulatory landscape all require water systems that work better for us, as well as our planet. With insights from the policy-makers, the regulatory and investment communities, as well as the water leaders of America, the 11th American Water Summit will tackle the key questions that are vital to channelling action in the water industry.

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