Join Kando at the Hydro-Informatics Conference |
Data and AI Applications in Water

Join Dikla Raz-Aroush, Data Director at Kando, at the Hydro-Informatics Conference, focusing on Data and AI applications in the Water industry at the Technion, Thursday, July 17.

In an industry once considered “traditional,” the integration of data, IoT, and artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the landscape. Today, every company, startup, and public entity is engaging with hydroinformatics.

We invite you to a professional conference that explores the intersection between water and digital technology. Held at the Technion, the event will address the opportunities and challenges presented by this evolving connection. The conference is co-led by the DatA-IL community, the Kinneret Innovation Center, the Technion, and the international SWAN organization.

Come and hear about the latest research, fascinating case studies, and the advanced software tools shaping the future of the water sector. Meet the companies, explore the tools, and discover the methods that are already setting the path for the water industry’s future.

Your wastewater contains the data.

We just need to extract it so that you can optimize your operations.

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