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Determine compliance bottlenecks and contaminations at the source

Extend the life spam of the network's infrastructure

Manage wastewater quality influent to improve WWTP OPEX and CAPEX.

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As part of the Pulse Wastewater Intelligence platform, Kando offers a Pulse Quality Assessment Map that provides a wastewater quality assessment for your jurisdiction, supporting the prioritization of the daily pre-treatment and operations activities, as well as its annual objectives.

Kando’s map will assist your department to understand most impacted areas by wastewater anomalies and be a guideline on where to put efforts to achieve a more optimal wastewater quality influent for the WWTP.

When submitting your details you will receive a similar assessment as shown above, which will analyze a specific jurisdiction in your area and provide an indication of its wastewater quality.

*Please not that only public information will be used for this assessment.

Get your FREE Wastewater Quality Assessment Map in your inbox!

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